Garden Maintenance

We create, install and maintain gardens throughout Kuwait. Our team of horticulturalists help you create and care for your dream garden.

We take pride in our ability to create, rejuvenate and preserve the outdoor/ indoor space, providing natural beauty within the urban environment.

Whether you require regular maintenance, a garden tidy up or a complete redesign, we are the team for you.

Our horticulturist staff ensure the optimum presentation of your garden is achieved throughout the year with our professional horticultural staff.

Providing quality garden maintenance services for you.

We are specialists in providing garden maintenance services for various types of premises, including corporate offices, parks, homes, residential apartments & suites, and many more. When it comes to garden maintenance, our team of experts ensure the best is delivered at all times.

Outdoor Garden Maintenance Services:

Lawn Care – From regular mowing to aeration and scarification, the gardeners will carry out various procedures to keep your lawn in top shape.
Weed Removal – Any pesky plant will be dealt with accordingly, every centimetre of your garden space will be checked for rogues.
Pruning and Removal of Trees – We can also help you with expert tree care and even remove a certain tree if it comes to it.
Creeper Plants’ Pruning and Removal
Hedge Trimming, Tree Cutting & Trimming, Garden Green Waste Clearance
Fertilization & Pest Management
Outdoor Maintenance, Upgrade works, Shrubbery removal & Planting

Indoor Garden Maintenance Services:

Once we have installed an interior landscape, our Client Care Program promises our plant technicians visit the site regularly to service the plants. Service includes watering, cleaning, trimming, fertilizing, and pest identification and eradication, if necessary. In addition, with the help of our management team, we respond quickly and effectively to special needs, e.g., providing additional plants for new interior spaces, attending to holiday and special event needs, or ameliorating the criminal destruction of plants.

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