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Sheila Granular Fly Bait 250g

Sheila Granular Fly Bait 250g

Sheila Granular Fly Bait 250g

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Sheila Granular Fly Bait 250g is a powerful insecticide that eliminates flies quickly. It contains unique pheromones and attractants, effectively luring flies to their death. Azamethiphos is the fastest chemical, utilized in Sheila to provide fast-acting, long-lasting results. Flies will die almost instantly, with the ability to kill by ingestion or contact.


Sheila RB1 is a ready to use granular insecticide for the control of flies in livestock housing etc. The productis effective where flies congregate such as animal pens. It contains unique sex pheromones and attractants that lure flies to the bait killing them quickly.

- Azamethiphos is the fastest chemical on the market
- Flies will die almost instantly
- Flies lured with pheromones and attractants
- The only bait that can kill by ingestion or contact
- Lasts longer than any other bait on the market

Care Instructions

Our Sheila Granular Fly Bait 250g contains a potent toxin that is designed to reduce fly populations around your property. Spread 250g of the granules generously around problem areas, then lightly spray for increased efficacy. For best results, use with Cola. This fly bait covers a 100m2 surface area when distributed in different spots. Indoor use only – please read the label for safety precautions.

Instructions should be followed cautiously; both the manufacturer company & distributor are not responsible for any damages that may be occurred due to miss use

Disposal of Empty Packaging:
Empty Packagings can be disposed of by burying and it must not be reused
Keep away from food & drinks
In case of poisoning, a medical consult is a must
Wash hands well with soap & water after using Sheila
Avoid using Sheila on surfaces recently treated with repellent spray
Avoid applying Sheila on routinely washed areas



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