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Raised Bed – Mini (Purple) - Smart Pot

Raised Bed – Mini (Purple) - Smart Pot

Raised Bed – Mini (Purple) - Smart Pot

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Diameter: Approx 60cm (24inch)
Height: Approx 20cm (8inch)

Smart Pots Big Bag Bed Fabric Raised Bed

Provides excellent drainage for healthy plants

The Big Bag Bed offers all the benefits of a Smart Pot in a raised garden bed. This easy to set up weatherproof bed requires no laborious installation and folds out to offer up to 13.5 square feet of gardening space that lasts for years. It warms quickly in the Spring, releases excessive heat in the Summer, and provides good drainage all year long. The Big Bag Bed also air prunes roots while protecting plants from underground pests like gophers and moles. Big Bag Beds are available in three different sizes in either black or purple.

Setting up a raised bed garden can be time consuming, back breaking and expensive. The Big Bag Bed is simple to set up, with no installation required. Just unfold, fill and plant! Raised bed kits or purchasing lumber to create a raised bed can cost hundreds of dollars, plus you have to install it. The Big Bag Bed is very inexpensive and also reusable. Expect at least 3-5 years use with the Big Bag Bed.

The Big Bag Bed is constructed from the same porous fabric as Smart Pots. This material dissipates excess heat and encourages excess water to evaporate.

The fabric has a unique ability to air prune the roots, enhancing the plants’ ability to create strong healthy roots. As roots grow they soon reach the container walls causing the roots to air prune, which also causes a natural, fibrous root structure. In hard sided containers like plastic or wood, these roots immediately start circling. A plant’s roots naturally grow laterally, penetrating the earth for nutrients and water; natural roots do not circle.


Easy to set up: just unfold, fill and grow
3.1 feet of growing space is ideal for an herb garden or small flower garden
Warms quickly in the spring, releases excess heat in the summer and provides excellent drainage for healthy plants
Provides excellent drainage, aeration and air pruning roots for vigorous root systems
24 Inch wide x 8 Inch tall, holds 2.1 cubic feet of soil or other planting mix
Circular shape allows you to reach the center from any position
Weatherproof and reusable. It’ll last for years.
Air prunes the roots which causes a better root system. Healthy roots, healthy plant!
Discourages ground pests such as gophers and moles

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Diameter: Approx 60cm (24inch)
Height: Approx 20cm (8inch)

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